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OK, I might not be the prettiest person on Earth, but at least I'm able to say things as they are without lying. This lolita community is starting to get rotten to the core. Proof is here: multiple secrets about French lolitas posted into the International community. Most of them posted in broken English or in French (while behind-the-bows has clearly stated the secrets to be posted in English!).

What am I seeing there? A battlefield. A war. A competition to the one who throws the most vitriol to the other, while remaining secluded behind the anonymity given by her precious little keyboard. And those girls get obfuscated because I dared using banned and taboo words such as "conquering" the lolita world. How dare you accusing me of such a behavior that you have adopted way before I entered the community? At this rate, it's not even "faux-cul", that French word is much too weak, but there's another American word that would perfectly fit... douchebaggery, I think.

Oh, by the way Marie (yes you! and don't you even dare replying to this post as "Anon" if you don't want me to get fucked up when I see you, and I will see you too!), I have a reply to your little wall of words and vitriol you blurted as a reply to my truce proposal (I bolded the truce word hoping it will get into your hollow head). Very quick, very sharp, very direct and straight to the point unlike the useless shit you sent back to me:


Because our current diplomatic relations could be perfectly summed up with this Pink Floyd verse:

So I open my door to my enemies
And I ask could we wipe the slate clean
But they tell me to please go fuck myself
You know you just can’t win

(Pink Floyd - "Lost for Words", in The Division Bell)

And #39, I'll say it sharply this time too... Your. English. SUCKS! Period.
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