October 17th, 2012



Longue épreuve en cours...

Formation de deux ans en alternance...

Longs trajets pour y aller...

En d'autres mots: I have a life. And a so-called real job. Even if I still don't know why would a job be called "real" or "not real" or "fake", cos hey, even the guy at the cashdesk in a gas station has a job for real to earn real money at the end of the month, huh? (TRUE STORY BRO!)

(oh, someone's whispering me that I already have a life from ever since I saw the day...)
Reloaded Neo


Why don't you just open your eyes
Allow yourself to realize
My age is not the limit
Sheltering yourself from the so-called threat
Keepin' on like this, you will lose your bet
My age is not the limit
You just need to chill
Let me enjoy the frill
This world shall not shut itself down
I'll burst the bubble
And clear the rubble
Before they will all drown
My age is not the limit

Bursting the bubble

She lives through models
She lives through models
Examples to follow
Only ones in front of her eyes
Feeding her dreams
And her own life relinquished
So many things
So many boys and girls
All around her
She doesn't see them
She cannot see them
Often ignores the potential in them
For she lives through models
She lives through models
Replication, judgement forlorn
And her own life relinquished.